For those interested in knitting and Shetland Sheep.

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I began knitting in 2004 and started raising Shetland sheep in 2006. I have a flock of 10 and will begin breeding this fall. I am an x-ray tech and supervisor of the radiology dept. by day and a shepherd at all other times. I live on a small farm in Marilla, NY. I've been married for 22 yrs and have 3 children-1 son in college, 1 daughter in college, and 1 son in 8th grade-my right hand man with the sheep. I have 7 ewes, 2 wethers, 1 ram and a ram lamb born 10/07-Surprise!

Monday, September 03, 2007

September 3rd 2007

Well fall is nearing and housekeeping needed to be done. Fixed a couple of fence posts, secured the boys-so as not to get any unexpected surprises! I will breed for the first time, in late November. I want lambs born around late April to early May. I'm only breeding 2 ewes, my most experienced. Both usually twin so we should have 14 sheep come spring. As I build my flock, I will be able to sell some. Hope to have all the pictures downloaded soon, as we just bought a cable for the digital camera. The other mysteriously disappeared.....